Yuko Ueda


Artist Statement (Resume)

My main focus is expressive colors and harmonies of materials.
My inspiration comes from nature, life and the human spirit.

Personal visual experiences of color and shape in nature are the deepest motives of my art work. Poetic memory fragments, –such as vibrant flowers, wild berry’s, vivid red in the winter field, or stormy sky, dark grey, a rainbow, salmon pink clouds shines over the water.–They are often recalled as elements and appear on my canvases. It is not a record, but an appearance.

I collect small man-made materials and natural pieces to incorporate them onto canvases. It is a joy to see all individual colors and materials harmonize altogether. Abstract painting is to me about combination of spontaneous action and control. Each stroke and drip, lines and color layers reflect my thoughts and feelings. In front of the canvas, I feel pleasure becoming a medium itself, I create my art works in a quite natural way.







1976 福岡生まれ、2005年よりNYで活動中
2007 ミュラル・ワークショップ, Advanced Studies in Public Art, National Academy, NY, USA
2009 アート・ステューデンツ・リーグ・オブ・ニューヨーク ファインアーツ・4年間のプログラム修了
1999 多摩美術大学デザイン科グラフィックデザイン卒業

Seven Paintings

Seven Paintings

2011 Prism / Palimpsest | Two Person Exhibition: Yuko Ueda, Isabel Carrio, Galerie RECOLTE
2009 Color Voices, Grace Institute Gallery, Exhibition and Artist talk, New York, NY
2008 Seven Paintings, Buchman Tower Lobby Gallery, 680 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY
2008 roots of thoughts: journey of paintings, Galerie RECOLTE, Fukuoka, Japan
2007 roots of thoughts: journey of paintings, Seed gallery, Dumbo, NY
2004 季楽工房, Fukuoka, Japan
2003 Galerie RECOLTE, Fukuoka, Japan

2008 The Art Students League of New York presents Selected Students’ exhibitions at
プライス・ウォーターハウス・クーパーズ, Ogilvy & Matters(企業コレクション),
2007 Mural Workshop 奨学生壁画デザイン展覧会, National Academy, NY
2007 Breath of Light, シードギャラリー, Dumbo, NY
2007 The Silk Road, Rosenthal Gallery, スタンフォード、コネチカット
2007チャリティオークション by nAscent Art New York, New York, NY(2007-2008五回参加)
2007 National Juried Visual Arts Exhibition, The Pen and Brush Galleries, New York, NY
2006 Funk Art +, Gloria Kennedy Gallery, Dumbo, NY
2006 jaa (Japanese Artists Association of New York) Annual Show, Tenri Cultural Institute of New York, NY


カーネギーホール, 'PLAYBILL', カバーアート

カーネギーホール, ‘PLAYBILL’, カバーアート

2008 藤森愛美審査員賞 (art critic)、イセ・カルチュラル・ファウンデーション学生展、ソーホー、NY
2008 Anderson Ranch Arts Center, regidensy, Snowmass Village(コロラド)
2008 Art Expo 2008, seed galleryブース, New York, NY
2008 Lloyd Sherwood Grant, the Art Students League of New york, NY
2007 カーネギーホール, ‘PLAYBILL’, カバーアート, Prize winner of October Issue.
2007 Fellowship recipient of Mural Workshop, New York, NY
2007-2008 nAscentArt New York, Auction, Grand Jury Prize(3回)New York, NY
2006 Reginald Marsh and Felicia Meyers Marsh Merit Scholarship, The Art Students League of New York


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